Backhoe Loader Safety tips for the Operators to Remember

Backhoe loaders are extremely popular amongst the construction site workers around the world. However, it is also potentially one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment if not treated with care. Ignoring safety related precautions may prove expensive in many different ways. Mentioned below are the most important backhoe loader safety tips for the operators.

Thorough inspection of the equipment:

To start with, inspect all the hydraulic hoses and find out if there has been any damage to the bucket and the tool attached to it. Inspect the tyres carefully for both pressure as well as damage. Don’t forget to check underneath the machine for any leakage. Finally, carry out your daily check for fluids such as transmission fluid, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and air filter indicator.

Thoroughly survey the surrounding areas and operating conditions well before stepping into the vehicle. Once you are inside the cab, ensure maximum ease of use and comfort for yourself by adjusting the steering and seat. Before your machine hits the road, ensure that its swing lock is in the right place and the boom is locked. Before the digging starts, you must be aware of the control pattern that has been selected for the machine.

Appropriate use of stabilisers:

While using the hoe, it is of utmost importance that the stabilisers are positioned down enough to withstand the machine’s weight. It is also recommended to keep the front bucket down because this lifts the front part of the machine, providing maximum stability.

Adhere to best practices for lifting heavy objects:

While lifting heavy objects, it is extremely important to keep your machine in the most stable condition. This can be ensured by following the guidelines mentioned below.

  • The machine should remain at the same level with the front tyres.
  • Raise the rear tires so that they clear the ground by approximately six inches.
  • Make sure that the stabilisers remains spread as much as possible, without allowing the tires to touch the ground.
  • Use proper lifting equipment and gain maximum control by lifting at low idle.
  • Be aware of the working range of the machine for the weight to be lifted.

Precautions while transporting materials:

Avoid carrying more than the safe handling capacity of the machine. If possible, always carry the materials in racked-back or level position. Use ride control while driving on roads, and try to keep the loads as close to the ground as possible.

These were just a few safety tips for the backhoe loader operators to follow. If you have any specific concerns related your backhoe loader, please feel free to contact our experts at K & G Machinery.