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Ballast Hopper

Ballast Hopper

The Ballaster is a bottom dump car. Four hydraulically operated bottom gates distribute ballast over the complete track cross section. Bottom shoulder chutes take the ballast past the tie ends.  An optional 3rd rail system distributes ballast over 3rd rail installations.


A  20m3 car, as per photos, carries approx 32.5 ton of ballast. We can also make smaller cars, but the largest inefficiency in ballasting is the travel time back and forth to ballast stockpiles. A larger car reduces the travel times. Car Dimensions allow cars to be shipped legally over road without permit.


The hydraulic gates are controlled by radio remotes. In many projects, ballast distribution is done from the tow vehicle cab making ballasting a one man operation.


Gates are individually controlled so that ballast can be placed where required, and at the depth required, resulting in an accurate distribution that eliminates most double handling of ballast. A 4 gate system is available, where aswell as individual control, with a single button, all 4 gates can be opened or closed simultaneously.


The braking is a fail safe air system that works in unison with the tow vehicle. We can also offer train braking systems.


The suspension is designed to work as a self steering rail truck. The car can travel at high speeds and is able to negotiate out of level and out of line new construction track. Other advantages of our suspension design are extremely low wheel wear and greatly reduced wheel/rail noise.


The car is built to withstand rugged railway use. Heavy fabrications and steel are employed throughout. Wheel/axle/bearing assemblies are from freight cars. Car is finished in epoxy primers and urethane topcoats. Items such as wood planks on car top, top lift eyes, bottom hold down eyes, pintle hook couplers, air compressor, no maintenance gate design, and excellent quality make the Ballaster a complete product.



WEIGHT: 7,300kg

WIDTH: 2450mm

LENGTH: 4900mm

HEIGHT: 3090mm

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