Railway Equipment Industry in Australia: Sales and Hire at Extremely Competitive Rates

The railway equipment industry will always be here. However, companies that need railway equipment must get the best value. This way, they can save on costs while still having reliable equipment for their daily needs. Whether you need a standard gauge equipment or a rail stressing equipment, the goal is to get the most value and ensure the reliability of the equipment. It’s also important…

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Maintaining and Operating your Railway Equipment

Properly maintaining your railway equipment is the biggest investment you can make in your machinery. At K and G Machinery we have first-hand knowledge on the ins and outs of railway equipment. This also means we know what it takes to keep this equipment running long-term, to ensure that you can perform quality work. Whether you’re enjoying the many benefits of an excavator, or you…

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1978 Harsco BE-QR Ballast Regulator

Small Railway Equipment Now Available Worldwide

It’s been said so often that it’s become a cliché. It really is a small world after all. And that’s now true for everything from travel, food, tourism, sporting events, news, and crocheted slippers on Etsy. The statement now even applies to the niche industries that once were based in the country or even in the state. Now, small railway equipment can be made available…

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Matisa R7

Buying or Hiring Railway Equipment? Which is Better?

It’s not an easy decision like buying a mower or getting some garden tools. Railway equipment can be complex, bulky, and extremely task specific. That might make it ideal for the task at hand, but it can become a burden if the machinery goes unused. So, is it better to hire or buy the equipment for the next job? Long-term vs. Short-term Jobs The length…

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How to Sell Railway Equipment

Throughout Australia, there are several different methods of unloading railway equipment when it’s no longer needed. It could be that the equipment has fulfilled its purpose. Maybe the contractor has finished the contract and is left with machinery that’s no longer needed. It could just be that a company needs to sell some of its railway equipment to a supplier and will operate on a…

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Railway Trolley

The Role of Rail Trolleys in Railway Maintenance

At this point, rail transport is seen as a crucial component of the entire Australian transportation system. The national railway infrastructure depends a great deal on regular maintenance work that demands the usage of professional tools. When talking about small rail equipment that many companies rent or buy to carry out their upkeep and repairs, we have to list rail trolleys as key products that…

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Plasser 08-275U gauge converted and refurbished

K & G Machinery Carry Out Modifications and Refurbishment for Plasser Tamping Machine

K & G has successfully carried out major modifications and refurbishment for a 1993 Plasser 08-275U tamping machine. The machine came to us as an ex-Japanese Railways, 1,067mm gauge-switch tamper in relatively good condition. It was sold to a customer in Singapore and required the following work to be carried out in a ten-week timespan. 1993 Plasser 08-275U tamping machine Removal of noise doors and…

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New Pandrol “e” fastener declipping trolley for hi-rail excavator

Reasons to Choose a Declipping Trolley for Your Excavation Job

When choosing an excavator for your project, you want to pick the right excavator type for the job. By choosing to work with K and G Machinery for your excavation jobs, you ensure professional service and advice on what type of excavation you need. If we don’t own the machine you need, we can even source it for you. But what excavator types do we…

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Best Railway Equipment Supplier Southeast Australia 2016

K & G Machinery Win Best Railway Equipment Supplier – Southeast Australia 2016

K & G Machinery Won Best Railway Equipment Supplier – Southeast Australia 2016. Please click the link below to check out the Interview with Steve Kimlin from K & G Machinery where he was Invited to talk about our success.   K and G Machinery Pty Ltd supply a variety of industrial equipment including tool carriers, excavators and ballast regulators, as well as providing specialist…

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Doosan 225 Tracked Excavator fitted with rubber cleats and an Engcon Rotating Hitch and 6No sleeper layer

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring an Excavator

The key to completing field work promptly and effectively is to have the right equipment and skill to do the work. Excavators are sophisticated equipment used for digging and hauling of heavy materials. Excavators not only simplify the job, they get the job done faster. Since buying one is capital-intensive, excavator hire is more affordable. The Main Benefits of Excavator Hiring an Excavator 1. Wide…

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