Choosing the Right Equipment for Civil Engineering Projects

The human civilisation depends a great deal on civil engineering for its conveniences. The input of civil engineers is essential for all types of infrastructure as well as construction projects. However, a civil engineering project can very easily be impacted by the lack of appropriate equipment. This is why a key step towards successful completion of civil engineering projects is making sound decisions related to equipment availability and selection.

Before selecting equipment for civil engineering projects, it makes sense to consider the factors in play. For example, lack of adequate finance may lead to hiring instead of purchasing equipment. On the other hand, contractors looking for long-term savings may prefer buying equipment rather than hiring.

In a civil engineering project, different equipment and machines are used to perform different functions. To ensure precision and avoid wastage, it is important to choose the most appropriate machine for the given operation.

Some of the most essential equipment for any civil engineering project is discussed below.

Excavator: This versatile heavy construction equipment is the most commonly used machinery in the field of civil engineering. In home improvement projects, excavators are used for selective demolition, shaping of land, and trench digging operations. A bucket-mounted excavator can be used for trench digging, soil loosening, breaking of soft rock on the ground, and lifting soil. By mounting a bit on it, excavators can also be used for boring holes on the ground, home demolition, and breaking hard surfaces.

Loaders:  Loaders are used extensively in civil engineering operations for lifting materials to a desired location. Materials lifted by loaders generally include demolition materials, soil, and other debris. Just like excavators, loaders can also perform different tasks by mounting different items. For example, bucket mounted loaders are extremely efficient in scooping of demolition debris and soil materials. Shovel mounted loaders; on the other hand, are used for cutting through hard soil materials.

Compactors: These are used for achieving stability within soil so that it remains stable for different construction processes. Compactors are extensively utilised in roads and highway construction. Compaction is also important for reducing the impact of soil erosion. Erosion prone loose soil tends to bind together when compactors are used. This protects the roads from the erosive action of rainwater.

Tower Cranes: Civil engineering projects often involve materials and structures that can be quite difficult and expensive to lift. Tower cranes can accomplish the task of lifting construction materials to the top of the building quickly and easily. This equipment is also efficient in lifting of kentledge.

Dumping Trucks: Dump trucks are valuable assets for any civil engineering project where efficient soil and debris transportation is essential.  These trucks are capable of moving debris to a very distant place in a cost-effective manner while minimising human effort.

Pile Driving Machine: Piles are often used in civil engineering projects for holding structures in position.  With the help of pile driving machines, the piles are pushed deep into the ground. Pile driving machines are also used for removing piles from the ground.

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