Disinfection Tips for Your Construction Equipment Cab

It is true that a piece of equipment or the cab of your truck may appear to be safe from the dreaded coronavirus. However, the fact remains that any of these enclosed spaces can be potentially dangerous for the users.

Unfortunately, you are not the only one who has access to your excavator or truck. The machine is likely to be used from time to time by a mechanic, supervisor, fuel distributor, driver, or second shift operator. If that person is a carrier of COVID-19, he or she may leave traces of the virus on the door handle, in the cab; grab bars, arm rests, monitor, upholstery or joysticks.

Therefore, those sharing a construction equipment cab with others should take all possible measures to keep it virus free. Ideally, it should be approached as a daily routine, similar to checking the oil and coolant levels.

Hard Surface:

While cleaning the hard surfaces of you cab, please remember that general household cleaners may cause significant damage to materials such as vinyl, plastic, and leather. This is why you must stick to cleaning products that are recommended for cleaning automobile interiors. Be particularly careful about the touch screens and monitors because the anti-glare coatings on them are extremely susceptible to harsh cleaners. You can use a touch-screen compatible cleaner recommended by your dealer.

Now, remove the floor mats of your machine or truck, and scrub them properly using a cleaning solution and brush.  Before introducing liquid cleaners, a battery operated vacuum cleaner can be used for removing all debris and dirt from the interior of your cab. Find out the area of the cab that is most likely to be contaminated, and spray the area using a surface sanitiser. Also, use a microfiber cloth to mop up the entire area. Finally, use a dedicated glass cleaner to clean your cab’s glass surfaces.


In addition to hard surfaces, the upholstered surfaces in the cab such as carpets, headliners, cloth seat covers should also be cleaned thoroughly at least once every week. Many different types of upholstery cleaning products are available in any auto parts store. Don’t forget to pull out the seat belt and disinfect it all over its length including its latch or buckle mechanism, using a surface sanitiser.

To ensure that your cab remains virus-free, instruct all drivers and operators to wear face masks and latex gloves for the entire duration of their shift. Also, each time they enter or exit the cab, the grab bars and metal door handles must be wiped with a disinfecting cleaner.

HVAC and Air Ducts:

In older vehicles, turning on the heat or AC can result in collection of mold or mildew within the unit. This is a serious health concern for the users. If an infected person sneezes while the cab ventilation system is operational, thousands of viruses could make their way into the duct work. In these cases, ozone machines are often used to kill almost all types of viruses, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Just turn on the HVAC system of your cab and allow ozone gas to circulate in the air for a recommended period of time. Numerous clinical studies have already established that ozone is capable of killing the SARS Coronavirus.

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