Earth Moving Equipment Rentals Australia

Looking for earth moving equipment rentals? In this short article we’ll discuss a few important questions and answers. We’ll also discuss a few options and insights you can use for better decision making. Let’s start.

Will the company also provide the operator?

Skill and expertise could actually be more important than the equipment itself. That’s because the following depends on the technical skill of operating the backhoe, excavator, tractor or other earth moving machinery:

  • Proper accomplishment of the job
  • Adhering to the set timeline allotted for the project
  • Ensuring safety and minimising risks

Whether the equipment is new or second hand, technical skills are crucial for all the facets of an excavation or construction project. For instance, digging of trenches and foundations requires efficiency (prevent rework thereby adhering to schedule). In addition, moving of massive concrete pipes using the backhoe requires expert knowledge in safety and proper operations.

Why choose rental instead of purchasing equipment?

First, it’s about costs and business priorities. Equipment rental could result to tens of thousands of cost savings. In addition, the construction or excavation company might have different priorities this time. Perhaps they could also use a combination of in-house equipment and machinery rental to complete a project.

It’s especially the case recently because the scale of projects can be unpredictable. This year the projects might be massive. Next year it might be smaller in scale and in intervals. Equipment rentals allow companies to stay lean and flexible no matter the economic times.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier expertise is also a huge factor. Hiring and training personnel takes time and financial resources. But with equipment rentals, the expertise is readily available. You and your team can start with the project as soon as possible because of equipment and manpower availability.

Earth moving equipment rentals Australia

That’s why here at K & G Machinery, we provide both the operator expertise and reliable equipment. This is to ensure proper and timely completion of earth moving and excavation tasks. This is also to help ensure safety during heavy equipment operation.

You can contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements. We will provide both the equipment and manpower for your project.