Excavation Equipment Hire: 3 Critical Factors You Need to Consider First

Need excavation equipment hire? There are many options. However, because of the varying requirements among projects, the selection becomes far from easy.

That’s why many project managers and engineers consider a few factors before they finalise their decision. After all, the wrong choice might result to unexpected costs and delays.

Let’s discuss those factors so we can help you make the right decision:

1. Capacity

Many of the excavation and railway projects (and related jobs) are time-sensitive. There are deadlines to meet and the succeeding processes might be depending a lot on the earlier steps. Any delay in the early processes will affect all those down the line.

One factor that affects deadlines is the capacity. If the equipment has more than enough capacity, it can deliver more results and hence shorter work times. It becomes easier then to meet the deadlines.

2. Availability

Is the equipment available 7 days a week? Can it be run 7 days a week without impending problems?

Those questions are important. After all, capacity also depends on availability. It also affects whether the deadline can be met or not.

Before deciding for an excavator hire, it’s critical that you consider availability (this could mean choosing the most suitable machine for the job). This way, delays will be minimised and pending tasks won’t get in the way.

3. Staffing

Different excavation equipment often require different skills and training. That’s why it’s also recommended to check if the company provides staffing.

Any machine can only be as good as its operator. It’s especially the case with digging and moving earth materials. No matter how powerful or efficient the equipment is, the operator is still the one who’s in control.

Excavation equipment hire

That’s why at K and G Machinery, we provide both the equipment and staffing. Through the years, many Australian companies continue to rely on us for their railway and excavation equipment needs.

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