Here’s How to Buy a Used Excavator

Whether it’s for mining or construction site, excavators are essential in carrying the waste, ruins and materials. As a result, you might have considered purchasing brand new equipment to carry out your operations.

But do you always require new equipment to run your operations? After all, new excavators are a lot more expensive both upfront (either down payment or full cash) and in the long term (until instalment is complete).

That’s why many contractors look for used excavators instead. These are more affordable and this gives some flexibility to the contractors. Instead of shelling out huge amounts of cash, upfront costs get a lot lower because of the slashed price of used excavators.

If you think this option is ideal for you, here are some tips in buying a used excavator:

Inspect both the interior & exterior

External appearances are not always reliable. But it could still be helpful in assessing the condition of machinery. If there are a lot of external damages (e.g. dents, cracks) on the equipment, you would suspect that it wasn’t operated or stored properly. It might have been exposed to extreme weather conditions. Even if there’s a low number of logged hours, improper operation and storage would make excavators (including the tires) and other machineries to deteriorate faster. Aside from the main body and cab of the excavator, also pay attention to the physical condition of the boom, stick and bucket.

Also examine the hydraulics and engine of the excavator during the inspection. It’s recommended to bring a mechanic with you who is not related in any way to the seller of the used equipment. This way you’ll get honest opinions about the machinery’s condition and estimated performance.

It’s also good to make a test run before bringing or transporting the equipment to your site. Pay attention to unusual noises and creaks. Also take your time in examining how hard or smooth it is to perform the most common operations in using the excavator. Try to imitate the movements of digging or refilling a hole. This is a good way to really know the equipment’s condition.

Planning to buy a used excavator now?

It’s recommended to take your time in choosing the excavator for your business. Get a few quotes and compare the costs and conditions of the available options. Pay attention to the wear and tear and watch out for signs of improper operations and maintenance of the equipment.

To get you started, you can enquire us here at K & G Machinery. We can provide you with a list if we have available used excavators. We can also provide you photos and other info so you can make an economic decision for your business.