How to Buy Used Dozers for Sale in Australia

Looking for used dozers for sale in Australia? Whether it’s for cutting new roads, road maintenance or any other relevant construction activity, a second hand bulldozer will help you save thousands of dollars.

However, the wrong choice could actually end up to more expenses. A used dozer with a lot of repairs and parts replacements needed could make you spend more (or even abandon the equipment for good). To prevent this scenario, here are a few important tips to remember:

1. Beware of appearance

Some sellers apply a fresh paint or thoroughly clean a bulldozer before offering it to prospective buyers. This helps in making the machinery look new and in good condition. After all, what looks good might really be good.

The thing is it goes beyond appearance. Yes, you should still look for some dents because these are signs of improper operation and maintenance. However, the fresh paint or the cleanliness of the equipment might have nothing to do with its condition.

2. Check for leaks and welded parts

Spend some time looking at the engine, hoses, pumps and other possible sources of leaks. This is important because leaks can make you spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on the repairs and replacements.

It’s also the same thing with the welded parts such as arms and sprockets. They should still be firmly attached and strongly welded before you buy or use the bulldozer. If there are some damages, you might need to take care of the welding if you still want the equipment. If it’s still a fair deal and you’re willing to shoulder the expenses, it’s still good to further the transaction.

3. Test drive

Second hand bulldozers can still cost thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s still recommended to take the extra time in making sure it’s worth the purchase.

Many buyers test the engine and the equipment itself before proceeding with the purchase. They start the engine and listen to how smooth (or how clunky) it is. They also look at the smoke (if it’s dark and it continues to be for some time, that could be a sign of a problem).

Many prospective buyers (especially the experienced ones) also test drive the bulldozer. They make the equipment go forward and backward. Then, they pay attention to the gear responses and the noises in the engine and rollers.

It’s advisable to bring a heavy equipment mechanic with you for better observation and evaluation. Preferably, he should be a friend and not someone from the seller of the equipment. This way, there will be no conflict of interest and you’re only getting a helpful advice during your decision-making.

Used dozers of sale in Australia

Those are a few of the most important things to remember when you’re about to buy a used dozer. Now, you’re ready to find a second hand bulldozer. If you’re looking for used dozers that are still in good condition, contact us today.

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