How to Choose Industrial Machinery for Earth Moving

Industrial machinery for earth moving include excavators, backhoes, dozers, loaders, graders, skid steer and trucks. Engineers either purchase new units or used ones depending on their budget and priorities.

For example, many developers and project managers purchase used excavators to save on cost. In addition, it aligns with their current business objectives (e.g. cost savings and short-term goals). It’s also possible that the developer will rent equipment instead (with manpower included) especially if it’s a one-time assignment.

How to choose heavy equipment for earth moving

Experienced managers and purchasers often consider the following:

  • Engine power
  • Bucket capacity
  • Size of the heavy equipment itself
  • Weight of the equipment

In general, the choice of a particular excavator or other heavy equipment depends on the job site and project. For instance, there are job sites that require a sensitive approach. For these cases, purchasers choose equipment with lower weight (to prevent damage to the site).

Aside from the above mentioned factors, purchasers also consider the location, weather and climate. This is mostly for storage purposes. After all, the storage can be as critical as the actual operation of the equipment. For example, heavy equipment such as excavators and dozers might need to be protected from rain and snow during idle time. This is to protect their engines and other mechanical parts.

What to do when buying heavy equipment

Most reliable way to evaluate equipment’s performance is by test driving. This is especially important when buying used machinery.

An operator or mechanic may start the engine and manoeuvre the machinery. He may listen to weird noises and test how hard it is to manipulate the bucket and other parts of the equipment. He can also inspect the engine and wiring to see if it looks neat and organised.

Also consider the proximity of the seller to your site or company. The transport of the equipment might have additional costs (plus the inconveniences). Fortunately, there are probably many sellers of heavy equipment near your area.

Industrial machinery for earth moving Australia

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