How to Sell My Old Tractor at the Best Price?

I’m planning to sell my old tractor. What should I do to sell it quickly and at the best price? Many farmers and equipment owners are in that situation right now. To give you an edge, here we’ll discuss a few tips to accomplish that. Let’s start.

1. Prepare at least 5 photos of your tractor

This is to quickly show the prospect if your tractor is the right equipment for his farm. The prospect can see if it’s “good enough” or still in acceptable condition given the price. This way, you won’t waste time answering calls for prospects who are very unlikely to buy.

It’s good to take photos of your old tractor at the front, back and sides. You can also take photos of its tires and engine. This gives the prospect a quick view without personally going to your area (which saves time for both you and the potential buyer).

2. Sell and advertise in your area

It’s likely that there are lots of interested buyers just in your area. It’s a matter of convenience for the potential buyers. They want something near and they don’t want to spend extra on transport if they can already find what they need nearby.

When you advertise your used tractor, you should indicate your location so prospects can quickly know if you’re nearby. You can advertise here for free to get started. In your listing you can upload up to 10 photos and provide vital information about your equipment.

3. Prepare relevant info especially work hours

In your listing you’ll need to include relevant info about your tractor. You can list its brand and model, work and maintenance history and engine. The goal here is to let potential buyers know that the pricing is still reasonable given your machinery’s condition.

It’s recommended here to be straightforward. Include the specs, photos and price. Also, as mentioned earlier, indicate your location so potential buyers will know that your equipment is easy to pick up.

Sell my old tractor Australia

It’s an easy and straightforward process. However, it might still take a while before someone really buys your tractor. One way to speed up this process is by selling your equipment with us here at K & G Machinery. You can send your full listing and photos to our email We will then run your listing for all potential buyers to know.

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