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K&G Machinery and Baidin GmbH can supply the K1000 Stationary Flashbutt Welding machine (Details below) inclusive of operators at a per weld rate for projects requiring a minimum of 5,000 total flashbutt welds, the welding facility must be capable of supplying enough rail to carry out a minimum of 50 welds per day.



Supply and delivery of the K1000 factory welding system

Supply of 2No FBW Technicians to carry out the flashbutt welding of the rail joints



Installation of the K1000 FBW into the facility

Removal of the K1000 FBW at the completion of the contract

All other costs associated with the flashbutt welding facility including: electricity usage, welding consumables, the preparation of short rails, the grinding and testing of the LWR strings


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Flashbutt Information Sheet Download: k1000-depot-flashbutt-welder-for-hire-Information

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BAIDIN GmbH offers stationary rail flash butt-welding plant K1000 (manufactured in 2003) after renewal in December 2016. The K1000 rail-welding of MCO-8001 type is intended for continuous flash-butt resistance welding of rails with cross-section from 4900 mm2 to 10 000 mm2 under stationary conditions, with tin trimming immediately alter the welding is finished.

Manufactured machines are completed with equipment for welding rails according to purchase -order. Two-sided current supply is used in the machine, providing low resistance under short circuit as well as stable flashing.

For this purpose, the secondary tuned circuit parts are made of high-quality rolled copper, bushing welding transformers arc brought closer to the welded joint as much as possible.

Welding process is executed in accordance with preset controller program.

The clamping and upsetting mechanisms arc hydraulically operated and supplied from the pumping plant included in the delivery set.


Delivery set

1)   Welding machine K1000.01.00.000 – 1;

  • Control cabinet ACT. – 1;
  • Pumping plant K-401-8 – 1;
  • Cooling plant BXTO-16 type – 1;
  • Spares, tools and accessories are as given in SPTA list (complete set) – 1;
  • Service forms and records are as given (complete set) – 1.



Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Mains rated voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Maximum short-circuit primary current, kA 2,2±0,2
Maximum short-circuit power consumption, kVA 800±80
Upset force at a pressure in hydraulic system of 16 daN 64000
Maximum cross section of welded rails, mm2 10000
Pressure in the hydraulic system, daN 16
Pump station capacity, l/min, not below 60
Maximum clamping force at a pressure in hydraulic system of 15 MPa (150 kgf/cm2), daN 160000
Maximum upset value, mm, 20±0,75
Displacement speed of the movable column relatively to the fixed one, mm/s:
providing flash 0,2 to 6
providing upset, min 30
Maximum displacement of item to be weld in flash and upset (machine stroke), mm 100
Vertical centering value of the welded items’, mm 20±2
Horizontal centering value of the welded items’, mm 20±2
Rated capacity at welding rails with cross section of 8,265 mm2, joints per hour 5
Cooling water flow at a pressure of 0,15 MPa (1,5 kgf/cm2), l/min
through the welder jacket, not below 25
through the pump station jacket, not below 40
Weight, kg, max. 8450
Overall dimensions of welding machine with feeding rollers mm:
length, mm 5150
width, mm 1300
height, mm 2700
  • Welding machine 01.00.000.

The repaired/renovated equipment is completely restored to its original conditions. Services offered per unit:

  1. Fixed column

Manufacture and replacement

  • Gearbox of horizontal travel

1.2.     Shutters (set) К1000.01.16.000.SB

  • Furnace leads (the upper and the lower )
  • Busbar (upper and lower)
  • Flexible busbars … 450 – 460 (set) 1.6. Insulation К1000.01.00.001


  1. Moving column Manufacture and replacement
    • Flash trimmer К1000.01.15.000 (limit stops, plates, blades, guides, cylinders)
    • Furnace lead К1000 03.00.200 (lower) … 600 (upper)
    • Gearbox of vertical travel
    • Replacement of bronze sleeves in the casings
    • Scraper 3-120
    • Scraper 3-120
    • Door cylinder
  1. Additional

Manufacture and replacement

3.1.     Spacers К1000.02.00.008…008-01; 033…033-01

  • Centralizers К1000Б 00.000
  • Displacement encoder К1000А 02.000
  • Upset cylinders К1000. 01.000
  • Fabric-based laminate insulation (in sets)
  • Industrial rubber goods (in sets), including articles by Parker
  • Pressure gauges
  • Hydraulic components on the machine
  • Metalwear
  • Shafts
  • Door mechanisms
  • Fume offtake
  • Shims under spacers
  • High pressure sleeves assembly for the machine and SPAT



1)     Control cabinet ACT. (manufacture and replacement with a new one).

Automatic programmable microprocessor-based system designed for control of actuators and mechanisms of mobile welding machine K355AM for butt induction rail welding.

The control system provides for:

  • control of actuators and mechanisms of welding machine both in manual and semiautomatic operation modes;
  • control of process cycle in accordance with welding machine cycle pattern being programmed in dependence of moving frame travel with continuous or pulsating flashing;
  • tolerance testing and welding cycle parameter registration with issue of certificate for welded butt indicating its use ability or

The control system of welding machine includes the following components:

  • control cabinet;
  • control
Control cabinet ACT.

Control cabinet ACT.

The control system designed on base of equipment of SIEMENS Company:

  • control unit SIMATIC S7-300 (PLC);
  • industrial computer with LCD-screen connected with the control unit via communication MPI-link.


The control of welding machine devices and mechanisms in setting-up operation mode performed from the keyboard.

The analog resistive measuring system used as the sensor of welding machine moving frame position.

The pressure sensor used as the pressure sensor in the working ends of travel and upset cylinders.

Electrohydraulic tracking valve used as an actuator driving the travel of moving frame.

Direct control of welding machine performed by control unit of PLC in accordance with the software stored in its memory and following the program of welding process transferred to it via communication link from the industrial computer.

The industrial computer designed for programming of welding process and features of tolerance testing of main parameters of the welding process, diagnostics and visualization of status of sensors, actuators and mechanisms of the welding machine.

The implementation of the control system on base of high-reliable equipment of SIEMENS Company and development of the software providing for highly user friendly interface between control devices and operating personnel has allowed to create the presented control system for machines of butt induction rail welding on the highest world first-class level; the control systems for a wide range of equipment of contact electric welding can be arranged on base of this system.


1)     Pump station K-401-8 (manufacture and replacement with a new one)

Pump station К-401-8 designed for supply of operating fluid into hydraulic system of contact flash welders. Main technical details of pump stations.

No. Parameter Rated value
1 Power supply rated voltage mains), V 380
2 Volume supply, l/min. 56
3 Working pressure:
low, MPa (kgf/cm2); 6-8 (60-80)
high, MPa (kgf/cm2): 21 (210)
4 Oil tank volume, l 400
5 Electric engine power, kW 21
6 Cooling fluid flow, l/min, at least 40
7 Overall dimensions, mm
length: 1545
width: 945
height: 1400
8 Weight without operating and cooling fluids, kg, max 835

1)     Cooling plant BXTO-16 type.

Cooling plant designed as monoblack (metal frame with protective decorative quick-detachable panels). The plant is equipped with five unions 1″ (four unions for input connections of hydraulic oil and water supply pipes to heat exchangers, and one for fluid filling-up) and ball valve for drain of fluid from the vessel.

There is a control panel in the plant with programmable electronic processor for setting and automatic maintaining of required temperature in the vessel, as well as for indication of operation and emergency situations occurring in the plant.

Cooling plant BXTO-16 type.

Cooling plant BXTO-16 type.

Cooling plant BXTO-16 type.

Cooling plant BXTO-16 type.

Cooling plant includes:

  • pressure-tight spiral compressor equipped with shutoff valves on suction and supply pipes, heating and peephole for visual oil level control;
  • air cooling conditioner;
  • laminar heat exchanger – evaporator (heat exchanging surface is made of stainless steel);
  • receiver with shutoff valves and thermal fuse;
  • thermo regulating valve, drying filter, pressure relay, solenoid valve, peephole;
  • plastic heat-insulated vessel;
  • water pump;
  • two laminar heat exchangers for water and oil;
  • two solenoid valves regulating supply of cold water to heat exchangers;
  • electronic processor-based automatic control system providing for setting and automatic maintaining of the required fluid temperature and protecting the plant from emergency modes of


Cooling Plant

Cooling Plant

K1000 FBW Cooling Plant

K1000 FBW Cooling Plant

K1000 Depot FBW

K1000 Depot FBW

K1000 depot flashbutt welder

K1000 depot flashbutt welder

K1000 Report

K1000 Report

K1000 depot flashbutt welder system

K1000 depot flashbutt welder system

K1000 reporting System

K1000 reporting System

K1000 Depot Flash Butt Welder hire

K1000 Depot Flash Butt Welder hire

K1000 FBW Australia

K1000 FBW Australia


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