Latest Innovations for the Future of Construction Equipment

Over the last few years, we have seen the construction industry gradually enter an era of groundbreaking innovations. Many of the reputed construction equipment manufacturers have now made noteworthy advances in electromobility, autonomous machinery, telematics, and much more. It is understood that this change has been driven by strategic alliances between equipment users and equipment makers.

There is no denying the fact that the construction industry has always been in the forefront of innovations. With the emergence of new, creative technologies, manufacturers have wasted no time to enhance their products and services. All these technological innovations have paved the way for higher machine lifecycle values, better machine uptime, and unique customer solutions.

Some of the most critical technology driven changes that have already made a strong positive impact on the construction equipment space are discussed below.

  • Connected Machines: With the advent of Internet of Things and telematics, there has been serious changes in our jobsites engaged in construction of mines, power plants, skyscrapers, etc. The IoT has huge implications for construction as it can automate tasks that waste priceless human hours. With connected machines, it is possible to have jobsites where all the personnel, materials, and equipment are synced to a central server, making real time activity monitoring effortless like never before. This interconnectivity promises to be a gamechanger in the way their builds are managed by construction firms.
  • Autonomous Machines: With self driving vehicles becoming a reality, this development is likely to make an immediate impact on the construction space. Much before self driving vehicles take over commuter roads, they will be seen regularly in closed sites where a limited number of other machines and pedestrians are allowed.
  • Electromobility: At present, different new and hybrid battery technologies are being tested all over the world. These technologies will make vehicles more sustainable, more efficient, and quieter. It is just a matter of time before many construction vehicles switch to electric for obvious benefits.
  • Predictive Analysis: Connected machines can send loads of useful information that can be analysed for making actionable predictions. For example, if we know when a certain machine is likely to break down, the machine can be sent for maintenance or taken offline before it causes a downtime. Very importantly, some OEMs are already receiving and filtering all of this data to send actionable alerts to their dealers and customers.
  • Remote Operation: Recent developments in the field of 5G technology have created a possibility of remotely operating heavy equipment in our jobsites. This innovation can be particularly useful in jobsites that are potentially dangerous for machinery operators.

There is no doubt that the construction industry will soon undergo a paradigm shift because of the technological innovations discussed above. These changes will help construction businesses make decisions based off of pure data, improve their labour force, and drive efficiency on the jobsite.

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