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Our trollies are a 100% Australian made & owned product.

K & G Machinery has been manufacturing our C.O.C.K.S de-clipping trollies for the last 3 years, during this time we have developed what we believe is the best and safest trolley to remove Pandrol “e” clips in Australia.

Our latest version 4 of the declipping trollies are fully adjustable for track gauge from a base plate of 1000mm and upward, they are adjustable to suit any rail size and wear, we have also now incorporated a large mounting plate so that different couplings can be interchanged onto the trollies. This enables our customers that work on multiple gauge tracks with different hi-rail equipment to only require the one declipping trolley, whether it will be used with a Hi-rail Excavator, Pettibone or both.

Reasons to Choose a Declipping Trolley for Your Re-railing Project

  • Safety: this is by far the safest way of removing a pandrol clip while protecting your people from any injuries, the clips strike the rubber shrouds and fall within the working area of the trolley.
  • Speed: because the trolley can be set to remove a pandrol clip from either one rail or both, it is just a matter of travelling the machine with the trolley over the re-railing area in both directions to safely remove all of the pandrol clips. Saving times prevents further spread of wastefulness.
  • Flexibility: this trolley can be adjusted to suit different rail sections and different rail head wear, ideal for Heavy Haul tracks that carry out continuous rail grinding.
  • Economics: No.1 machine, No.1 trolley & No.1 operator to remove kilometers of clips. Our de rail fastening system comes pre assembled.

What Are Pandrol “E” Clips?

  • Pandrol “e” clip systems are used by most global teams working on rails, and are standard in a variety of railway systems, Heavy Haul, Freight, Passenger, Metro and Light Rail.

Declipping Trolley

Why Should You Choose our Declipping Trolley?

  • Declipping trolleys are specialized accessories made just for removing Pandrol “e” clips in large quantities safely and at speed.
  • Choose K and G Machinery’s C.O.C.K.S declipping trolley for your next re-railing project and benefit from all of the features our trolley has: it features fully adjustable declipping arms made of Bisaloy, a rubber shroud that adjusts with the machine to maintain its height ensuring the clips are caught, an excavator type hitch to suit hi-rail excavators fitted with engcon tilt-rotators or a hitch to suit the knuckle boom of hi-rail Pettibones, and heavy duty springs to maintain the down pressure tension whilst removing clips.
  • Overall, the entire declipper trolley is adjustable to suit both smaller and larger rail sections as required. This suits the needs of our customers and avoids disruptions.
  • Now with one C.O.C.K.S the contractor can work on any track gauge using different hi-rail equipment available.
  • The C.O.C.K.S trolley can be lifted and loaded by forklift, using the fork tubes, or by any machine with a lifting hook with 4 leg chain utilizing the 4 lifting points.
  • All in all, it can remove the clips from both legs of a railing at the same time in one direction, or it can do one rail at a time as required.


Specifications for a multi gauge unit;

Width: from 1300mm varies depending on track gauge

Length: 1500mm

Height: 800mm

Weight: 900kg

Wheels: 240mm with sealed bearings supported by full saddles

Strikers: Bisaloy for greater endurance and wear, adjustable with spring tensioners when reversing

Flaps: each striker has a rubber shield that moves up and down with the height of the striker, we are also mounting height adjustable rubber curtains to each end to prevent clips escaping

Coupling: working hard to support our customers

Adjustments: height and position of all strikers

Legs: the unit has 4 legs to hold it above the ground for adjustments when off track

Capability: set for unclipping one leg or both, run the trolley forward to remove 2 clips and reverse for removing the other 2 clips

Declipping Trolley Australia

New Version 4, bolt on wheel and striker assemblies make it easy to change track gauge



Spacers to change the trolley to standard gauge (1435mm)

Spacers to change the trolley to standard gauge (1435mm)



K and G Machinery Declipping Trolley

Completed unit just requires a suitable coupling


All the adjustable components unchanged


New V-4 with mounting plate ready to accept any Excavator or Pettibone coupler








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K and G Machinery Declipping Trolley Declipping Trolley Australia Spacers to change the trolley to standard gauge (1435mm) PANDROL E CLIP REMOVAL TROLLIES PANDROL “E” CLIP REMOVAL TROLLIES (C.O.C.K.S) V4