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Plasser and Theurer UST-79 S III

Plasser and Theurer UST-79 S III


Used Rail-road switch Plasser & Theurer UST-79 S III tamper with integrated trailer for road transport. Machine can be transferred to and from rails very easily within a short time. The machine consists of a switch tamper with trailer and truck. Very good condition. Equipped with lifting and lining unit, measuring systems, sleeper-end consolidators, levelling and alignment laser, recording unit, etc.
Model: 2008

Gauge: 1435 mm

Height: 3174mm

Length: 14650mm

Width: 2550 mm

Bogie distance: 9500 mm

Wheel diameter: 350 mm

Engine: 173 kW at 2300 rpm

8-channel writer

Max speed self-propelled and towed: 25 km/h

Laser Liner

Truck: Mercedes Actros 1846:  211.769 km

Tamper engine Deutz: 8,888 working hours

Tamping insertions: 3.350.000
Supporting documents: Operating Manual & Drawing (In German Language)

The machine has been perfectly built for the maintenance of Tramways, both light and heavy rail.

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