Read Before You Buy: Used Heavy Apparatus Buying Checklist

Investment in heavy machinery is always of significant value to both buyer and seller, in terms of financial value and utilitarian value for the buyer and financial value for the seller. Spending a five-figure sum on a piece of equipment is nothing short of a necessity in certain situations, so make sure you’re knowledgeable when it comes to what to look out for and where detriment might be evident in the apparatus you’re investigating. Buying used machinery? Keep in mind K&G Machinery’s Guide to Buying Heavy Aparatus, as below.

  1. Know what make and model is best for your needs. Don’t be upsold into buying equipment with power you won’t ever need, it is wasteful.
  2. Determine the value of the machine. A valuation will usually cost you approximately $250 and is but a small sliver of the total expense of your heavy machinery investment.
  3. Ask for information about the machine from the seller. There will usually be a dealer sticker located on one side of the machine, which can be used to contact the dealer and determine the service history of the vehicle and precise age of the electronic control module (ECM). This will provide some understanding regarding the quality and condition of the vehicle and its electrics.
  4. Pay for inspections of the vehicle. Many buyers are unwilling to fork out an additional $500-$1000 for an inspection from an independent 3rd party, for example a certified inspector from the dealer you called in step 3, however this can save you a total loss on your purchase.
  5. Check with the insurance claim registry to make sure there are no outstanding claims on the vehicle. If there are, it could mean that the vehicle is not legally sellable by the person you’re negotiating with.
  6. Confirm purchase and schedule delivery or pick-up. Now that everything else has been done, you are able to confirm your purchase and arrange for delivery of the vehicle or, if you have the ability to move it yourself, pick-up.

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