Reasons to Choose a Declipping Trolley for Your Excavation Job

When choosing an excavator for your project, you want to pick the right excavator type for the job. By choosing to work with K and G Machinery for your excavation jobs, you ensure professional service and advice on what type of excavation you need. If we don’t own the machine you need, we can even source it for you. But what excavator types do we have, and what are the differences between the types? If you’re working with Pandrol “E” clip systems on your rail section, your best choice for excavation is definitely K and G Machinery’s Declipping Trolley.

What Are Pandrol “E” Clips?

Pandrol “e” clip systems are used in several countries around the world, and are standard in a lot of rail sections, making them extremely common to work with. Pandrol “e” clips are the tiny clips that make up railroad tracks, so removing them requires specialized equipment. If you don’t have the right equipment for your excavation job to remove these clips, it will only make your job more difficult or even impossible. Luckily, K and G Machinery’s declipping trolley that is included in their excavator hire unit is perfect for the job.

Why Should You Choose a Declipping Trolley?

Declipping trolleys are specialized machines made just for removing railroad clips, like the Pandrol “e” clip, from the rail system during excavation jobs. Choose K and G Machinery’s declipping trolley for your excavation job of all of the features our trolley has: it features fully adjustable declipping arms, a rubber shroud that adjusts with the machine to maintain its height, an excavation hitch to suit the hi-rail excavator with engcon, and a heavy duty spring to maintain the down pressure tension.

Overall, the entire declipper trolley is adjustable to suit both smaller and larger rail sections as needed. Back to back, the dimensions for standard gauge is one thousand three hundred and fifty-eight millimeters. The declipping trolley can allow loading by forklift. All in all, it can remove the clips from both legs of a railing at the same time in one direction, or it can do one rail at a time as needed.

The Biggest Reason to Choose K and G Machinery

When doing an excavation job that requires the removal of Pandrol “e” clips, K and G Machinery’s declipping trolley should always be your first choice. Our trolley was designed and created specifically for removing Pandrol “e” clips. We hired a team of certified welders to engineer and fabricate a declipping trolley for them, meaning our trolley is top of the line and guaranteed to do a fantastic job. Why would you choose another declipping trolley when you could get the best quality machine specifically designed for the job?

Contact us at K and G Machinery for all of your excavation hire needs to ensure excellent service and the right equipment for the job.