Rent a Track Loader: Here’s How to Save on Costs

Planning to rent a track loader? It’s an economical decision if it’s just a short-term task or project. Renting heavy equipment will save you money because you’re only paying for it while in active use.

Perhaps you’ve already considered these options and finally came up with renting heavy equipment:

  1. Purchase a new tracked loader
  2. Buy a used tracked loader

Purchasing a new tracked loader may cost you at least $100,000. This is ideal if you’re planning to use the equipment long term. In addition, many engineers and managers purchase a new unit because of the loader’s versatility (can do the jobs of dozers and excavators).

Others buy a used tracked loader instead because of the lower price. Moreover, the purchaser might have found a great deal (low price and low work hours). The equipment seller might also be near which saves on transport costs and inconvenience.

How to rent heavy equipment

Although you can still acquire a new and used tracked loader through full cash payment or convenient financing, project engineers and managers still choose to rent a tracked loader. As mentioned earlier, equipment rental is ideal for temporary or short-term projects. It will save you on costs and provides you some flexibility. You can just extend the rental duration anytime if your project demands it.

To further save on costs and hassles, it’s recommended to verify if labour hire is also available. Equipment operation requires expertise (money and time to train operators and supervisors). In addition, your total project cost will drastically increase if you hire dedicated operators for your company.

But when labour hire is also provided, your company stays flexible. Once your company acquires more similar projects, you can then purchase new or used equipment (and hire permanent staff) instead of searching for rentals.

Rent a track loader

Here at K & G Machinery, we provide heavy equipment rentals (with labour hire) at reasonable pricing. We already have an expert team of consultants, operators and supervisors who can study and fulfil your requirements.

Contact us today if you require a tracked loader for your upcoming project. You can also enquire us about the price of our new, used and refurbished equipment if you’re interested.