How to Sell Railway Equipment

Throughout Australia, there are several different methods of unloading railway equipment when it’s no longer needed. It could be that the equipment has fulfilled its purpose. Maybe the contractor has finished the contract and is left with machinery that’s no longer needed. It could just be that a company needs to sell some of its railway equipment to a supplier and will operate on a “per job hire” basis.

For whatever reason, railway equipment can be difficult to unload, but there are a few options.

Online Auction

As many contractors probably know, there are some good options to sell heavy machinery like railway equipment. A supplier can load up the specifications and pictures of the equipment in question and then start the bidding. Bids can come from all over the country and the market is big enough to attract buyers from every corner and every state.

The downside is that it does attract a lot of lookers, but might not attract the right type of buyers willing to part with the capital needed for a big purchase. Many contractors use these sites as a way to price up railway equipment without actually ever spending a dollar.

Classified Ads

It’s still popular to offer up railway equipment through classified ads, either online or in trade magazines. It narrows down the potential buyers to those who actually interested already in the equipment. The seller can lay a firm price, and not rely on the auction site to hopefully generate enough interest to reach a satisfying sale.

Again, the problem is that it can attract people simply looking to price up machinery without contacting the buyer. Most potential buyers would simply look at the price and move on. The seller never actually knows how effective his pricing is or how much interest he’s generating.

Railway Equipment Supplier

Another option, and maybe the most reliable and convenient option, is to contact a rail equipment supplier who can offload the equipment for the seller. They can take advantage of their wide range of contacts and reach out directly to the customers they know who are actively looking to make a purchase. It’s convenient and hassle-free for the seller as well.

If you have railway equipment you’d like to sell, you can contact us at K and G Machinery. We specialise in railway equipment, large and small, and we can sell your equipment for you. Contact us today to find out more.