Skid Steer Buying Guide: 3 Ways to Make the Best Purchase

How to buy a skid steer? In this short article we’ll briefly discuss the most important considerations to make an economical and practical purchase. Let’s start.

1. Choose the right equipment size

Many purchasers make the mistake of buying a skid steer with the wrong size (too large or too small). For example, they bought a large skid steer but the equipment will be used in narrow streets. This could be a huge struggle and unproductive. Worse, the equipment might not be used at all.

If the work site is large (e.g. large parking lot or a huge open area), a skid steer with a large frame is more appropriate. It could improve speed and progress of the assignment. In addition, there will be fewer worries about space constraints.

2. Consider both horsepower and torque

Torque is about the engine’s ability to get the job done (can it do the job?). On the other hand, horsepower is about how fast to complete the task. Both are important factors in speed and productivity.

The higher the horsepower, the faster the work and the more productive the results will be. On the other hand, the higher the engine’s torque, the higher its fuel efficiency. That’s because the engine will be run at a lower speed while still accomplishing the job.

3. Lift or move the material?

Some skid steers are specifically designed to lift the material high enough (useful when dumping into a dump truck). Others are more appropriate for moving material from one location to the next.

In other words, the machinery’s end purpose dictates its design and selection. The purpose could also affect the cost of the skid steer (e.g. skid steers with high lifting capacity could be more expensive).

This is only a beginning skid steer buying guide

Your specific choice ultimately depends on your application. Whether you’re buying new or used equipment, the tips above should help you make an economical purchase.

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