Small Railway Equipment Sales & Rentals

Small railway equipment requirements, every contractor requires a vast array of small equipment to carry out maintenance and construction, we have a small stock of rental equipment and access to a vast array of new equipment to suit any requirement.

Flashbutt Welding Sales & Rentals

Before the use of modern welding plants, railways on the whole used to be a lot more dangerous than they are today. With the advent of welding systems such as the Flashbutt Welding System, railways have grown to their true strength as transportation for many areas of industry. These welding systems ensure that the segments of track are held securely together, and that they remain in track for many years thus minimising the cost of rail replacement. Call us for a solution for your flashbutt welding.

Resurfacing Machines

With the cost of new resurfacing machines being so high we can offer machinery to suit your budget and track gauge, we can supply to any country in the world.

Track-Laying Machines

Sleepers are another integral part of the railway system and keeping them properly maintained allows for efficient functioning of the railway. Concrete sleepers are the most common type of railways sleepers in use today, and the machinery required to install them can vary from excavators with attachments, gantry systems or large track-layers capable of rehabilitation or new construction.

Getting the Right Railway Maintenance Equipment

Railways are systems that need a lot of disparate parts to work together for them to be able to function. In order to ensure that the railway system is in its best shape, it is important to get railway equipment rentals & sales to deal with the maintenance of the tracks. Contact K&G machinery today to find out more about how these small railway equipment sales & rentals can benefit your track, and by extension, your entire business. Get in touch with us now!