Understanding the Difference between Wheel Loaders and Bulldozers

Many common people consider construction machineries to be nothing more than huge tools used in large construction projects.  Though most of us have heard about wheel loaders and bulldozers, very few are aware of the differences between the two. It is important to note that both these machineries have specific applications and probably the only similarity between the two is the cabin. 

Please remember that each equipment, be it a loader or bulldozer, comes in a wide range of models with different sizes and specifications. As far as bulldozers are concerned, they come with a metal blade attached to the front and are used mostly in quarry areas, mining, and farming sites. For the sake of understanding, this piece of construction equipment may be considered to be a crawler that can be used for moving large amounts of rubble, soil, and other earthy materials.  

The work area for a wheel loader is not much different from that of a bulldozer. When we compare the two, it is found that the dozers are used for shoving and pushing the materials aside. On the other hand, the purpose of using loaders is to load a variety of similar materials. 

Tools for the Dozer:

Ripper and blade are the two primary components of a dozer. As already mentioned, a blade remains attached to the front end of dozers. This blade helps the equipment shove and push materials. S blade, U-blade, and S-U blade are the three types of the razor blades used depending on the nature of task to be performed. S blade or straight blade is the preferred choice for fine grading. The U blade or universal blade is used for carrying more materials. Finally, S-U combination blades are ideally suited for working in the quarry sites. Ripper is another important tool present in dozers. It has a claw like appearance, and is attached to the rear end of the equipment. Before collecting or moving a material, it is important to break them. This is where a ripper comes in. It helps rip, break, and tear hard earthy materials before they are transported. 

Tools for the Loader:

The front end of wheel loaders looks similar to a square shaped bucket.  This helps the equipment load different materials by scooping and carrying them from one place to another. However, unlike dozers, loaders can’t be used for pushing materials from the ground. Depending on the model used, the front bucket attachment can be removable or permanently attached. When removable attachments are used, the bucket can be replaced with other tools such as forks or scrapers. 

Transportation Medium: 

In order to use them on construction projects, we first need to transport these machines to the worksite.  As bulldozers are equipped with tracks, another machine like a flatbed truck is required for their transportation. However, on the other hand, no additional vehicle is required to transport wheel loaders because they have wheels. 

We hope this brief discussion will help you choose between bulldozers and wheel loaders as per your requirements. If you have any other question related to your heavy equipment, please feel free to contact us at K and G Machinery.