Used Farm Equipment Near Me: How to Make the Right Choice

I have a new farm and I’m looking for a used farm equipment near me. This way, I can immediately inspect its condition and decide quickly if it’s a fair deal.

Perhaps you’re in that situation right now. Or, you just realised that purchasing used equipment is more practical than buying new machinery. Whichever is the case, you need to make the right purchase. This way, you can get the most out of the machinery and the money you’ll spend.

In this article, we’ll discuss which specific things to look for before deciding to buy a used farm equipment. Let’s get started.

1. Check the body and tires

The tires should still be in good condition, or else you’ll be spending additional thousands of dollars for their replacement. It defeats the purpose of buying a used and more affordable equipment.

The tires’ condition is also a good indicator of wear and tear (and how the tractor was stored). If the tires are already heavily damaged, expect a lot of work hours logged into that machinery. In addition, heavily damaged tires might also indicate that the tractor was stored outside in long periods of time.

It’s similar with the body of the farm equipment. If there are a lot of peels and dents, the tractor might have been stored improperly. The machinery was exposed to harsh weather elements for so long.

2. Read the maintenance log and work history

It doesn’t stop there (looking at the machinery’s exterior). You should also look at its work history (number of hours used) and the maintenance logs.

Whenever you purchase used equipment, you’re actually buying its remaining service life. After all, all types of equipment have a limited number of hours. For example, most tractors will wear out after 12,000 hours. If you buy a tractor nearing that service hours, you might need a replacement after just a short time.

The maintenance log also tells a lot about an equipment’s remaining service life. No or very few maintenance orders mean shorter service life available. The parts and the engine might have already worn out or deteriorated. If you need to replace the key expensive parts, it won’t be worth it to buy the equipment.

3. Stick with popular brands

Sooner or later, the used equipment you bought will show problems. You might need to replace a few parts after months (or years if you’re lucky). This is a challenging task if you can’t find the replacement parts needed.

That’s why it’s recommended to stick with popular brands. It will be easier to find the replacement parts and get your machinery working again soon enough. Machineries with known brands are also known to withstand harsh conditions. They’ve been thoroughly tested so they can service farmers for a long time.

Used farm equipment near me Queensland

In summary, you should select a used farm equipment with a known brand and with a lot of remaining service life. You should consider both the upfront (purchasing) and the future costs (maintenance, parts replacement).

If you’re looking for used equipment in good condition, we can assist you here at K & G Machinery. Contact us today and we’ll respond promptly to your enquiries.