Volvo Loader Hire: How to Make the Best Choice

Whether it’s for mining, material handling, landscaping or construction, the selection of the right loader can greatly affect productivity and fuel efficiency. There are dozens of different brands with various specifications available. It’s crucial to determine which ones to prioritise so you can make the right choice.

Another priority is about the cost. New machines may cost from $80,000 to $250,000 each, which is why both small and large businesses (individual contractors & other industry professionals) often opt for equipment hire instead. This is an economic decision whether you require a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

Let’s then discuss how to make rental even more cost-efficient for your business and job site:

Also consider the availability of experienced operators

The next question that comes up once you’ve considered renting an equipment is who will operate the loader. The operator you hire should have adequate safety training and on-field experience. This decision alone can make your project progress significantly faster (with fewer delays).

There are also different job site requirements. For instance, there might be regulations specifically about the environment. Loaders and other heavy equipment with diesel engines might emit significant amounts of nitrous oxides. Reduction of the emissions or pre-treating the nitrous oxides before being released to the environment are just some of the options.

The equipment provider and the operators should be knowledgeable about these additional details. This way, there will be additional cost savings while adhering to industry standards and local regulations.

Consider financing & transport

Aside from successful project completion, engineers also pay close attention to costs. The factors that bear the most weight are rental costs, labour hire, equipment transport and various operational expenses (e.g. fuel, equipment repair & maintenance).

One way to reduce that weight is by distributing the costs. This makes the contractor gain some flexibility especially when it comes to planning the project and anticipating delays. Equipment hire can already distribute the costs. Other arrangements can also be made to further the spread and somehow lighten the financing (e.g. let your company pick up the equipment or allow the equipment hire provider to do the job).

Completeness or full package

Another factor that has a huge effect on operational costs is the versatility of the equipment. Can you use it for other types of jobs? Are the attachments readily available so you can easily switch to other tasks?

For instance, here at K&G Machinery we have 5No Volvo L120 Toolcarriers (with bucket, pallet forks and crane jib already included). As a result, you can use the machineries for moving earth, unloading landscape rocks, moving lumber and blocks & transporting building supplies. You can use the bucket, pallet forks or crane jib depending on the specific type of job.

Volvo loader hire from K&G Machinery

Flexibility and versatility are the keys to achieving cost efficiency. In addition, there should be qualified operators who have adequate safety training and on-field experience. This is for optimal productivity and economic efficiency.

Enquire today if you require more information about our Volvo toolcarriers. You can ask us about the specifications and pricing.